Black and white photo of a guest at a wedding

Impress your guests!

Okay, now that we have your attention! We know it is not all about the guests, in fact, it is all about the couple and celebrating the beautiful new chapter of their lives which they are entering in to. Still, it is, in fact, essential to keep your guests smiling and entertained. After all, they are your loved ones, and if they are enjoying themselves and having a blast, so will you! Here are some helpful tips and ideas to ensure everyone enjoys your wedding!


From arrival to the reception to the dips and turns, it is the small things that make a big difference. Plan your entertainment in stages to ensure you’ve got the whole day covered. Why not let your guests play a fun game as they are sipping on their arrival drinks waiting to be seated? Consider doing a fun scavenger hunt or handing your them Conversation Tickets to enjoy with their brews! A conversation ticket is a great ice breaker and to to get your guests mingling. For example; “Find someone wearing a red dress and ask them how they know the bride or groom”. Conversations tickets are great for the reception too. Place them on plates, in glasses or with name tags to break the ice! Gamified favours and gifts are also great for waiting guests… such as rubrics cubes, puzzles or even fortune cookies! After the reception, there usually is a brief moment where guests face the fear of dancing. Break this tradition by hosting games such as musical chairs or How Low Can You Go to get the party started! Photobooths or sketch artists are a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the day, and it is an excellent way for guests to remember the wedding! Photobooth photos are great to use as fridge magnets or book holders, and the sketches can be framed and put up against the wall! Now isn’t that special?


Speeches are a critical part of your wedding day, as it can be very memorable and funny, or dragged-out and dull. It is essential to stick to the time schedule. Consider giving your speakers a set duration to talk and ask them to respect the time given to them! A good time to give your speakers is between 3 – 5 minutes. Think about who you want to have speak on the day. Do you want your emotional aunt to speak after your Maid of Honor (who we know is also likely to get emotional)? Rather have your funny Uncle to talk instead of your aunt! It is always good to have a balance between tears and laughter.  The amount of water-works and laughter is up to you and your choice of wedding atmosphere. Make sure your speakers prepare for their speeches and that both the bride and the groom have words spoken of them. Don’t forget to TOAST! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, everyone enjoys a good toast at a wedding! Whether people are toasting because they are happy, the speeches are over or because they genuinely wish you a happy marriage, maybe both, we will never know. Still, it is always a great way to get a mood up. It makes for a beautiful and super fun photo opportunity!


Wedding photos are not only for the special couple but for the guests too! People love being photographed and having their picture taken by a photographer. Especially when they are all dressed up and having a good time! Your photographer will take amazing photos of your guests when they are laughing and enjoying themselves. This is not only great for your wedding album, but it will be used by the guests. Your guests will post your wedding photos on their social media platforms and reminisce about the good times!

Remember, this is YOUR SPECIAL day, and you have to enjoy it as much as possible. You spend an enormous amount of time, energy, and money into this event, so make it count! Happy and entertained guests will not only make great photos and lead to photo sharing opportunities, but it will ensure you have a rollicking wedding day! Your special day and the special moments will be remembered and cherished by everyone who shared your special day with you.

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