Wedding Trends 2022 - Fun and Intimate!

The drastic change in pace and lifestyle has forced many, especially newlyweds, to reconsider the way we come together and connect. As we have had to reconsider how we gather and connect with our loved ones, weddings are taking on a new and improved model. But unlike wedding size and masks, style and trendiness have not been forsaken.

Here are our top wedding trends for 2021 to help you find new ways to gather with loved ones and create memories worth a lifetime!


Outdoor weddings are not only advised for those who want to abide by Covid-19 rules, but it is very much in style! It also allows the special couple and their guests to roam around to move and mingle freely throughout the day’s events. Consider a garden setting at sunset or under tents with exquisite lighting and florals for a tropical destination wedding feel. For a winter wedding, considering finding a rustic styled venue with a fireplace, or bring the tropics indoors for the occasion! Big flower bouquets and unique couches and chairs out in the garden with beautiful views is something to experience.

Although micro-weddings might seem like 2020 as the guest capacity increases again, couples have truly moved to smaller weddings. Not only due to the majority having to make budget cuts, but intimate and sweet is the number one priority during hard times.


We are seeing bolder and more mixed colours being incorporated through decor and even grooms’ choice of suit colours. Earthy tones have been around for a few years, and it looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although some choose the bold and bright route, traditional black and white weddings are increasingly on the rise. According to Pinkbook mustards and earthy tones with shades of green and emerald have become popular colours for the upcoming winter season.

Gift Boxes

Couples are opting for welcome bags and boxes which include everything guests may need throughout the ceremony like sanitisers and event programs, and items to keep as memorabilia from the special day. Humour is often incorporated in these gift bags with items such as headache tablets for the next morning. When creating your gift boxes, know your guests and the type of wedding you want to have.

Live Streaming

A reduced guest list certainly does not mean anyone will be missing out! Live streaming and videography have become the most popular method to share the couple’s special day with friends and family both near and far, and also relive their special moments. This might be around for a while to accommodate those who far or even oversees.

Tiny Toasts

With fewer guests at the event, the maid of honour and best man will not be the only ones sharing memories of the beloved bride and groom. According to The Knot, a larger number of guests will have an intimate relationship with either the groom or bride and have the opportunity to share their memories with other attendees in a more informal style. Like I said, small and intimate.

Plated and Personalised

As buffet-style catering has come to a halt, couples are opting for plated dinners or charcuterie boards, or the non-traditional food truck option for better hygiene control. The move away from the buffet-style serving allows guests to be accommodated better in terms of food options. The traditionally tiered wedding cake has also adapted to individual mini cake servings for guests with couples often opting to offer varying flavours for the mini cakes.


Unlike colour trends who are moving back in time towards traditional black and white, wedding photos are becoming increasingly more informal. With unique and out of the box angles, couples and guests are photographed having a lot of fun! From playing lawn games to dancing like it was your 22nd birthday, photographers are capturing it all! With less formal photographing, the couples also have more time to spend with their guests.

In conclusion, it is safe to say the wedding trends for 2021-2022 is something to look forward to! With mixes of modern colour palettes with traditional styles and a twist on photography and intimacy, your wedding will be something to remember!

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