Engagement shoot photo in Johannesburg

Why have an engagement photoshoot?

‘ My face is twitching, my foot feels awkward and I don’t know where to look…can this just end!’ We have all experienced these thoughts before… if you haven’t and you are reading this, it means you will soon. If you don’t have your pictures taken often, the feeling is an inevitable awkwardness bound to cross your path, as wedding photos are a MUST. It has been for centuries. Fortunately, a magnificent magic has ascended, and it is called an engagement shoot. To some this idea is a menace! That raises the question, why do we have to have an engagement shoot? It is a super beneficial and awarding experience which should be a MUST for your wedding too. Here are some mesmerising truths about an engagement shoot.


Thanks to the internet and Mr. Zuckerberg, there is a certain standard expected from an individuals’ following when engaged… some beautiful photos, customized websites, invitations, and much more! Selfies are a thing of the past. In the year 2020 they are demanding professional photos!  An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity  to get some cool content for social media and all your other extras. Wedding websites are increasingly becoming more essential, where engagement photos are perfect to be put up! It makes a wedding website more special and gives it a little ‘oomf’. Wedding stationary also needs photos, and how to customize it more than having beautiful photos of yourself to use!


Your photographer is not only the person behind the camera who takes pictures, they are people who are going to spend a tremendous part of your day with you. They are going to be talking to you and showing you where to look and how to pose. They are going to tell you where to place your hand and when to kiss your loved one. They are going to be there for the special, intimate, precious and funny moments too! They have to, it’s their job! To know your photographer and not smile for a complete stranger will not only produce better wedding photos, but it will make you less uncomfortable and guarantee a more fun day!


Not everyone is a master of posing, or even just naturally photogenic. Some need a little practice! An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get some practice. You will get to know your good side, and your veyonce’s good side. You will learn to work with each other in front of the camera and appreciate your partners preferred side and poses. Every individual is unique;therefore, every couple is unique. It is a great way for those couples who have some milestones, such as a large difference in height. The shoot teaches you how to compromise and pose the best way possible.


Being more comfortable and having some poses in your pocket will save a lot of time on your wedding day. Having to figure out poses, getting comfortable and ensuring the photographer takes the perfect shot can be very time consuming! Therefore being more time efficient with the photo shoot will leave more time for the videographer to capture amazing content. It also allows for more time with your loved ones and you will have more time to celebrate your special day!


An engagement shoot is a super fun and unforgettable experience. A shoot can be ANYWHERE! In your house, on a farm, in your garden, you name it! A lot of the time it is at a venue or out of the city somewhere, which can be a super fun outing. The couples hardly stop laughing and they always build precious memories together. Some wine and snacks can be enjoyed during the shoot to ensure that the maximum amount of fun and laughter is produced! And let’s be honest, wine loosens those tight shoulders and and widens that smile!

So let’s face it, not only will you have content for all your ‘responsibilities’, but you will have more time to spend with your loved one, you will have a better and more unforgettable wedding day, you will have more confidence in your photos (which shows by the way), and most important of all, your wedding photos will be exceedingly better. You won’t have to be shy to show them to your grandchildren one day! So, the real questions is, why not have an engagement?

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