Your grooms guide to choosing his wedding attire!

Your bride is not the only one your guests will be looking at. You as a groom is equally as important. Besides, there won’t be a wedding without you! So, here are a few steps and tips to keep in mind when picking out your prefect groom attire.

You should start with the most straightforward question; a suit or tux? Now, this is extremely important as your choice should complement your wedding style, atmosphere, venue and your colour scheme. Oh, and it should fit your budget and be comfortable! There are subtle yet considerable differences between the two.


A suit is typically made out of one type of fabric. It is casual, trendy and versatile. It can be dressed up or down with various accessories such as boutonnieres, watches, belts, fun socks, buttons, neckwear, pocket squares, unique cuff links, ties, vests and shoes! The suit consists typically of 2 to 3 pieces and is usually one colour (this may vary due to different styles and interests). Opt for this option when your wedding is during the daytime and more casual.

Ah, now for the tuxedo, the timeless classic. It is very formal and traditional and is known for its satin finishes. Go for this option if your wedding is a black-tie affair or very formal. Tuxes have satin lapels, satin-covered buttons, and a satin stripe down each pant leg. Suspenders are usually worn as tuxedos have no belt loops. This look can only be dressed up, so make sure your accessories appropriately, for example, cuff links, a bow-tow tie and a fancy watch.


You should be planning your attire 2-3 months before your wedding day. This gives you enough time for some research and any alterations that have to be made. It all depends on whether you will be buying or renting your outfit. This is another fundamental question. This is where your budget comes in. But other than our budget, how often will you actually need a tuxedo?


Tux’s are usually rented, due to their expensive nature and the fact that you do not wear one that often. Suits are generally much more affordable, and you will definitely wear them more often. But it could also be beneficial to rent your attire. For example, when your wedding suit is a unique colour, something you won’t wear again, it would be better to rent it. It also saves closet space! If you plan on buying your outfit, make sure to go for a colour that you will wear in the future, for example, midnight blue or charcoal. These colours are incredibly timeless and fashionable.


Before getting totally stressed about budget, it is incredibly normal (if not the norm) that groomsmen are responsible for their own attire. This is another thing to consider when opting to rent or buy. No two white shirts are the same, so having your groomsmen put together their own outfits may not be the best idea. Renting will ensure everyone has the same clothes and accessories! While renting is the best way to go for a tuxedo, a more casual outfit might not be a bad idea to purchase. But what about my groomsmen? Will they want to pay? Buying a suit does not necessarily have to be extremely expensive. There are various affordable stores at which your groomsmen (you included) can shop. It might be a good idea if everyone goes to the store together and purchases the same pants and shirts. This is primarily a good idea when the wedding is more on the casual side. Shoes are a bit tricky as shoes usually are more expensive, so make sure to ask your groomsmen what shoes they own before planning their outfits. Accessories such as socks, cufflinks and ties are always a great gift idea. This could be a great way to thank your friends and ensure that everyone is accessories in the same way.

Having your groomsmen match is always a good idea, but ensuring you stand out with a dash of something extra is an even better idea. Consider having a shade lighter suit or a different tie/vest than your following. A unique boutonniere and pocket square are also a safe and trendy way to go. Fun socks and cuff links are a great way to lighten the mood between the groomsmen and yourself.

Keep in mind that some stores require appointments, so make sure of your shop or tailors’ requirements before showing up at their door! Make sure you know whether you want to rent or buy, what colour you want when your wedding date is and what you want to accessorise with. If you do not know what you want to dress your outfits up-or-down with, ask your dresses or tailor. Your fiancé will most likely also have a Pinterest board set-up for you if you need some inspiration!

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